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Song of the Snowdrop Fairy

After a pretty trying morning; which included tears, tantrums and raised voices, my daughter and I went for our daily walk, down to the local woods. As soon as the fresh air hit our cheeks and filled our lungs, the morning’s huffings and puffings were long forgotten.

My heart became lighter still when I saw my favourite flowers poking out through the woodland floor. My daughter and I sat next to a large clump of snowdrops, silently watching them nod their beautiful and delicate heads in the breeze. A reminder that winter is on its way out, and new beginnings will arrive in Spring. After a good romp in the woods -and cup of coco- we walked back up the hill with a profound feeling of hope and happiness.

When we got home, I dug out my well thumbed Flower Fairies of the Winter book by Cicely Mary Barker and made an activity for my daughter to do.

She loved it and has been inspired to make her own flower fairies.

If you’d like to try it with your child, follow this link and press the button for the free download.

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