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Back to school

The uniform is ready, shoes clean, hair washed and my daughter is about to go to bed super excited about going back to school tomorrow. It’s such a relief to know that she’s feeling OK about it, as I’m sure there are lots of anxious little ones (and big ones) out there. She basically said that she’s had enough of me and that she likes her teacher more than me because she’s nice and doesn’t shout at her. As an only child she’s also desperate to see some other children. How long has it been....? Since January? All seems a bit of a blur really!

Despite the relentlessness of it all, I’m going to miss it. I’ve absolutely loved homeschooling and it’s given me my passion back for Montessori education (which I had lost a little). I feel blessed to have had this extra time with my daughter, and to have been fortunate enough to not be working and have the time to dedicate to her learning to making materials and to popping the odd bit on to this site. Now I just need to brace myself for letting go. Letting her go- back in to a system that I really dislike. Trusting in her to be OK and thrive in a system that didn’t work for me, but can definitely work for her. So, I raise a glass to the nation of lockdown homeschooling parents out there. We’ve done it. Whether you’ll be dancing your way down the road rejoicing at the freedom once your child/ren has/have entered school tomorrow, or holding back the tears as you drive away, you should all feel proud to have got through it. Good luck, and stay safe. It will be so great to see so many friendly faces at the school gate!

Here are some of our LDHS learning memories and how we’ve attempted to bring the dreaded worksheet ‘alive’...

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